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Professional Transport Strategy to Win Tenders and Optimise Resources
Professional Transport Strategy to Win Tenders and Optimise Resources
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When making changes it is essential to model the operation as closely as possible using current productivity levels. The resources, in miles and hours, may not be identical to those currently experienced due to computer optimisation of routes. By comparing resources in the new model with the base model then the likely percentage change can be calculated and applied to the actual resources currently used.

A typical method of analysis would be as follows

Create a base case to measure all changes against

Obtain past routing information
Location of calls on a route
Access restrictions
Delivery window
Delivery day
Type and size of vehicle used
Vehicle start location
Three tachographs

Enter detail into DPS Logix and calibrate to current productivity

Make changes to the operation and establish new resource levels

These changes may involve
Adding or removing a customer
Adding or removing a depot/branch
Increasing or decreasing the delivery window
Changing the delivery frequency
Increasing or decreasing the quantity delivered
Collecting from suppliers
Changes to trunking between depots/branches
Investigation of multi modal delivery options

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