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Professional Transport Strategy to Win Tenders and Optimise Resources
Professional Transport Strategy to Win Tenders and Optimise Resources
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The depth of data available is enormous and can be presented in our standard format or recompiled into our clients format. To date we have always been able to give the client the information they required.

A typical basic set of reports would include the folowing information
The number and type of dedicated vehicles required
Driver numbers, shift patterns and hours worked
Depot and out base locations
Deliveries using shared user resource options
The computer generated routes

Other additional information often requested
Vehicle loading schedule
Customer delivery days and times
Empty running miles and hours
Average speeds stem and delivery mileage
Customer time and distance from depots
Breakdown of hours by depot, drive, work and break
Number of drivers working each hour of the day
Normal time, overtime, night shift and shift premium hours worked
Trunking routes, times, miles and hours
Outbase throughput split by full loads and cross dock

In most cases we present the quantity of resources required rather than the cost. Costs are then attached by the client. Costs can be included in our calculations are useful when analysing alternative methods of delivery.

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